My name is Alexander Dahshleiger. I am a passionate visual designer who loves typography, shapes and instantly questions the relation between objects. Throughout my career I play different roles performing as information architect, brand or experience designer. Recently, working with hi-tech startups my role includes also product specification and management. And yet projects are different my mission remains to create elegant and easy to use interfaces.



Showing interest to both 3D and 2D environments (architecture and graphic design), I decided to focus on Visual Communication in Bezalel, The Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem in 2001-05 and was graduated as Bachelor of Design (B.Des).

Early career

After graduation, I started the professional career in EmaraDesign studio. Putting special attention to details my expertise became Graphic User Interface. In 2008, showing outstanding results I was invited to consult and provide outsource design services at the customer’s offices (Time to Know).

Independent contractor

In 2010 I continued as a freelance UX Designer eager to challenge such skills as sales, marketing design and project management. It was a remarkable period. I worked on different projects including graphic, web and mobile design.

Alexander’s knowledge in User Interface and Web Design is exactly what we needed. The end result is excellent both in terms of quality and costs… – Lee Sapir, CEO of Henry Stewart Talks

Startup period

Since Fall 2011 I was getting more involved with the product design and development. SimilarWeb, the company I joined in 2012, challenged me both personally and professionally. Working simultaneously on branding and product design tasks I kept thinking about unified eco-system with consistent visual patterns.

It’s a rare thing to find a designer and UX expert who is a true product manager as well… – Benjamin Seror, VP Product at SimilarWeb

In fall 2014 I returned to the freelance work. I participated in some financial hackatons trying to implement my own business ideas. Since 2015 I continue working on long-term projects that challenge me both as a visual designer and the product manager.